Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This week's agenda

Here are the updates from last week's meeting which continue to be items for this week's meeting. LMK if you have questions, or add your comments below. I hope to see you tomorrow!

Items in progress
  • New! Natalie Eierman will be the editor for a "weekly news update" on our blog. You'll be updated when she has access and is ready to go. (Also, I've been maintaining an email list of people who are interested in info-only and will continue to solicit for that.)
  • New! Arts and crafts this summer: On a day when it's nice outside, we'd like to go and spraypaint some t-shirts for ourselves. We can make buttons, too! All the cool kids wear their ALA gear.
  • Speakers: Joan found out that Deb Torres would love for us to schedule a Monday night gathering, but the plans for fall won't be made until later in the summer. We're seeking ideas for St. Kate's alumni for the panel (preferring at least some who have traditional library jobs).
  • Speakers, part 2: We are still pending re: informal author meetings. Erin will ask a local YA writer she knows, and Sara will ask Patrick Jones (one fall, one spring).
  • Archives tour: Megan found out we can go to the "caves" at the U of M pretty much any time this summer, so she is going to check on some dates and report back so we can set one.
  • MN Center for Book Arts: Helena is finding out whether their student rate ($30) applies to us (vs. $80 for adults, yikes!). Might want to see if we can get a group discount to make some books?
  • Book drive: Fall semester for Christmas. Erin had a good organization in mind, and we're waiting for more info on that. We decided that if we partner with a bookstore, it would be a local, independent one (such as the Wild Rumpus). The PLG's book drive right now seems to be really successful, so hopefully that's a sign for us!
Items resolved
  • End of year happy hour: Confirmed for Sunday, May 15 at 5:30-7:30pm (or thereabouts) in the wine bar room at Sweeney's (http://www.sweeneyssaloon.com/). It's now an event on Facebook, so invite your classmates! It's also on the MLIS official blog with flyers, etc. coming soon.
  • SGO funding: Helena updated us that the SGO does not have additional funding for student groups. But, we should all plan to make use of the $200 per year (per semester?) we can each get for conference reimbursements.
Tabled for now but still on the horizon...
  • Additional funding may be available from St. Kate's as a chartered student club. Helena is in touch with Bridgette Marty, a staff person who is in charge of such things, and will update us when there's more to know.
  • MLA conference October 12-14, 2011 in Duluth ($200 student funds!)
  • Winter 2012 events (speaker, field trip, advocacy, elections)

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