Monday, April 18, 2011

Agenda for this week and notes from last week

We meet this Wednesday, 4/20, in the library because our usual room is unavailable. We'll meet in the lobby and find ourselves a study room. Here are the agenda items--please add any thoughts or additional items in the comments section.
  1. Update on event planning for the spring and summer--going through the items listed in the notes from last time to see what progress folks have made.
  2. Conversation about maintaining our online presence: I would like to propose that this could be more of a group effort and would like to hear your thoughts on that.
Notes from the 4/13 meeting. Please add comments if I missed something important:
  • End of year happy hour: tentative for Sunday, 5/15 at 5pm (i.e., when class ends that day). Sara is checking the availability of Sweeney's in St. Paul (they have a small, free private room as well as a patio).
  • SGO funding: Helena has an email in to the group and will let us know when she has more info.
  • Speakers: The recent Monday night panel of nontraditional library jobs was a huge hit, so we would like to plan a panel of St. Kate's grads but including traditional jobs. Step one is to find out possible Monday nights in the fall (Joan? I think was looking into this).
  • Speakers, part 2: We would like to have a couple of informal author meetings. Erin will ask a local YA writer she knows, and Sara will ask Patrick Jones (one fall, one spring).
  • Field trips: Megan will find out about visiting the archive caves at the U of M (a possible break from the summer heat). Helena (was there someone else, too?) will find out about the MN Center for Book Arts offerings.
  • Book drive: Christmastime suggested. Erin had a good organization in mind and was going to check on that. SLA is interested in partnering with us, and Helena is checking with someone she knows in community relations at Barnes & Noble for ideas.
  • Summer meetings: on Thursdays at 5pm (Sara to secure locations).

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  1. I already thought of something! I had mentioned the possibility of our participating in the MLIS Summit and/or graduation ceremony, and I've been in touch with Deb Torres about that. At the very least, we should try to attend the Summit en masse since it will be a great opportunity to mingle with the greater library community. I'll put more info about it here on the blog.

    Also, mark your calendars for 8/27 as the new student orientation, where we will be asked to offer at least a friendly face!