Friday, September 16, 2016


Hey Rockstars! 

I am so excited to finally start a new year and with all new years means new things happening for you but more importantly ALASC. So below are a couple of things to keep a look out for as you begin to your realization how much reading you have to do and how fast the time flies by. 

1. If you have not receivevd an email from ALASC, it is because they have all been sent to your spam folder. Frustrating! I know. Anyway please check your spam folder and if you like to know all things ALASC please mark them as not-spam. 

2. If you are new and would like to be a part of the mailing list, please email so we can add you! 

3. If you are not yet a memeber of ALA or MLA. You need to do this, like yesterday! Here is a link so you get on it: ALA Membership

4. Follow us on Twitter

5. Let us know what we can do for. 

I hope to see everyone at our next meeting which is October 11th at 5:15pm in CDC 18! 

-Chayse Sundt, Chair