Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Notes from 4/6 meeting

Here's what we decided at the meeting on 4/6:
  • Come to the Storytelling Festival on Monday, April 18, where we will show support for our student storytellers (including yours truly and ALA student member Deni Buendorf) and collect names/promote our group. Complete info to follow.
  • We will continue to meet weekly until the end of the semester (which means we're meeting tomorrow--post forthcoming).
  • We will continue to meet on a different schedule TBD during summer term.
  • Helena is checking with the SGO on possible funding sources.
  • The general outline of activities for the next year is below, and it's important that we now nail down some dates and deets.
Spring/Summer 2011
  • End of the year Happy Hour
  • Storytelling Festival on Monday, 4/18
  • This wasn't discussed, but I'm going to suggest we could do at least a library tour or visit the MN Center for Book Arts in the summer
Fall 2011
  • August 27th is Fall Orientation--take out the "new kids" afterwards
  • Group attendance at MLA conference in Duluth, Oct 12-14, 2011
  • Speaker--possibly professional storyteller
  • Field trip--caves at UMN? (where they store old archives)
  • Book drive for xmas
Winter 2011
  • MLA Library Advocacy Day at the Legislature in early March--schedule a training in Feb
  • Some other field trip
  • Another speaker (author? possibly do a "beer & books" where we read a book and meet with the author informally?)

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