Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Agenda for 4/13--Please contribute

After the meeting last week, it was brought to my attention (happily) that sharing the agenda and giving you guys the opportunity to add/comment can really help make this more productive. So, here are my thoughts for tomorrow--please add/revise in the comments. Sorry for the brief timeline--one week between meetings is taking me by surprise in its shortness!
  1. Update from Helena: Facebook and SGO (if info)
  2. Spring/Summer: set date and location for happy hour and/or potluck (I suggest the back room at Sweeney's, but that's up for discussion)
  3. Possible summer field trip?
  4. Fall: begin to set dates for speaker and field trip. Who do we want to invite? Who will spearhead the reservation and invitation effort? We could commandeer a Monday night but would need to coordinate with the main office.


  1. We might also be able to help out at the MLIS Summit and graduation reception this spring. To discuss.

  2. We should also confirm what day (Tuesday or Thursday) we are meeting in the summer. St Kate's PLG is also planning on moving to one of these days for the summer semester and do not want to double-book meeting times with ALA.