Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Activities for our student chapter

These are some ideas we came up with at last week's meeting for activities our student chapter can do over the next year. We will start the planning process at the April 6th meeting, so please plan to be there!
  • Speakers: more interest in bringing in presenters who would talk to a small group, likely as part of the Monday night workshops. Possible presenters: Patrick Jones (YA), Sanford Berman???, professional storytellers.
  • Field trips! Tour the "caves" at the U of M, visit the MN History Center, learn about bookbinding at the MN Center for Book Arts.
  • MN Library Association: annual conference (volunteer opps, carpool), library advocacy day.
  • Happy hour! End of this semester, after new student orientation in the fall, book & beer.
  • Book drives (although the PLG has that covered for this term)
  • Engage with library fundraising
  • Speed networking
 If you have additional ideas, or if I missed anything, please add comments.

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