Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roll Call of St. Kate's Awesomeness at ALA

Hi friends! I do hope I have time to do the blogging I would like to do in the next few days--we'll see. In the meantime, my busy schedule in Anaheim doesn't start until tomorrow morning, when I check in with my Cognotes supervisor to find out what my volunteer hours will be. So, I thought I'd briefly check in with you to list the folks I know of who are coming from St. Kates--and it includes some impressive accomplishments!
  • Mary Wagner, who is receiving the Beta Phi Mu award for her distinguished career on Sunday (somehow I didn't know that until a random person told me--let's congratulate her!)
  • Heidi Hammond (I think...?)
  • Sarah Park
  • Laura Morlock, who is in the ALA Emerging Leaders program and is giving a poster tomorrow night
  • Linda Nguyen, who is here as a Spectrum Scholar
  • Deni Buendorf
  • Erin Schultz
  • Amy Oelkers
  • Yours truly, student-to-staff program (and giving a presentation around this whole thing)
Not to mention that HCL's Dan Marcou will be part of a couple of sessions on prison libraries.

Minnesota represent!

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