Monday, May 9, 2011

Submit your work to LSJ

Note from Sara Z: I'm on the Editorial Review Board for LSJ; reviews are blind, so I wouldn't know if any of you offered a submission, but I can tell you that some of the work you're already doing for your classes could qualify. It's worth a try!

Library Student Journal (LSJ) seeks to publish the best papers from Library and Information Science (LIS) students worldwide, and to serve as a forum for discussion of LIS education, training, career paths, and future trends. Submissions may cover a wide range of topics, including information science and social science alike, but should always relate to and advance the discussion of LIS topics. We accept and publish submissions on a rolling basis. All papers should follow APA (6th ed.) guidelines. Because LSJ is a peer-reviewed journal that caters to students, even submissions that are not accepted for publication will receive detailed feedback and commentary. In many cases, the editors will work closely with authors to revise articles for publication.

LSJ publishes papers in four different categories:

Articles are peer-reviewed scholarly papers based on original research or literature surveys that advance the topic with original ideas. Articles explore the topic in greater depth than essays (described below) and should advance the existing literature with original ideas or original research.

Essays are papers of an informational or personal nature. Essays are reviewed by the editors alone. An essay is less formal in tone than an article and may, among other things, share personal experience in the LIS field, give an overview of an LIS issue of interest, be a work of fiction, and/or be lighthearted or humorous.

Opinion pieces address a topic of current concern to the LIS field and can be of any length. These submissions are reviewed by the editor.

Reviews of books currently being used in an LIS course, recently published (within the last 2 years) LIS books, or websites of interest to LIS students (including blogs) will be considered for publication. These submissions are reviewed by the editor.

To submit your work for LSJ publication, create a user account at, then go to your user home page and click the "New Submission" link to enter your submission into our review system.

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